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Superb New Release! - TwentySix Three, Aldevis Tibaldi's London Jazz Ensemble

 It was one of those lucky moments when all the cards just seemed to fall into place. I had been invited to the sessions that begat these recordings.

A tall Victorian villa in the Richmond suburbs of London hides one of the most remarkable recording studios that I have ever been in. Owned by a successful songwriter it is an Aladdin's cave of the most desirable valve and vintage recording equipment and it gives me enormous pleasure to know that somewhere somehow this stuff is still working its magic...

...But these notes are really about the music; the equipment was just there to listen to and then write down the sounds that The London Jazz Ensemble made. And boy, what a sound.

I could review each track in turn and risk prejudicing your opinion. Who was it who said that talking about music is like dancing about architecture? What I would like to convey is the unbelievable talent of the band. Urban, cool, sophisticated, New York, the fifties, London, the here and now, a lightness of touch and the committed dedication that a lifetime devoted to the study of your instrument can bring. With passion.

After a successful take, and there were only ever second takes at most, the band would troupe into the control room to check that Pierre-Olivier and his glowing vacuum tubes had faithfully captured the sounds that they had all just heard. He had and they had. Listening back to these recordings you will be transported to the feelings that these men summoned at that moment in that studio. It is like listening to one of the great old stateside recordings. Miles, you know. And believe me, it really is just like being there.

The arrangements are sometimes sublime and subtle. Sometimes powerful and strident. Always beautiful. They are a testament to the skill of Aldevis that his charts show the same mastery as those of Duke Ellington. Or the Count. Maurice Ravel. Or Igor. Simpatico. This is serious music. The original compositions, all by Aldevis, take their rightful place in the lexicon of jazz and they live and breathe with ease alongside the four extant tunes.  It is a beautiful confection. Each instrumentalist takes his turn to be free, too. These six players are right at the top of their Art. So, go on, put down this website, close your eyes and let Aldevis, Chris, John, Liam, Paul and Richard take you to places that words don't reach.

Julian Stewart Lindsay

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