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Some listener comments so far...


"Oh boy there are some pretty special tracks on this album. "


Someone had me worried about this idéa that, in contemporary music, the traditional sound of jazz, had reached its potential, and that trying to create something new in that idiom would simply end up being repetitive.  I'm ecstatic and relieved to say, that 'Twenty Six Three', proved that theory very wrong.


 "Been playing it in my cab, had a passenger on Wednesday night who paid a compliment "nice tunes driver, enjoyed my journey home" ! "


"Gentle, sensitive, cool with unexpected twists and turns"


"I have listened to your disc a few times in the shop and I like it a lot.

It really has a great feeling to it, and it reminds my of certain Mingus works in many ways.

Thanks so much for sending it. You sound beautiful, especially your Sequoia soprano!

It will be on my listening rotation for a while now."

Joe Giardullo

"Buy it now!"

Pete Thomas

"I real like your disc. Very musically informed and it's so good to hear fine timbres; the
soprano sounds like a sax. Not some whiney cor anglais."

Anthony Coe

"With my husband we like it: it has been playing in the kitchen"

Prof. Stras

"Thanks  a million for the CD - Really enjoying it - brilliant stuff. I've had it on a loop in the workshop all day today!

Which mouthpieces are you using - great sound?"

Ed Pillinger

 "My father opened it and listened to it. You've got one more fan in Greece."


 "You are fast becoming my favorite tenor player! I love the variety of sounds that you have in your tonal palette. I am really going to enjoy this album."


"Wish I could play as well as you. Musically and sound concept, we're a long way apart, but that's no bad thing."



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