Free downloads - Live at Hampton Court House, Set 1

By GaleTone Records


A one off recording intimate of the Aldevis Tibaldi Quartet, playing tunes from the latest album TwentSix Three and older originals, live in the great hall of Hampton Court House. With the legendary groove elixir and solo charmer that is Henry Thomas on Bass, the superbly seasoned seductive keys of Gabriel Keen, the rich rythmn orchestra of Chris Gale on drums, and of course as usual the sensational beguiling saxophones of Aldevis Tibaldi.  

It's a live improvised quartet performance of the album (which was was mainly recorded as a sextet) entertaining you with brimming delightful improvisation and a freedom and passion you'll find joyous to embrace. Sit back, perhaps with a nice wine or whisky, put the headphones on and lose yourself in the warm and adventurous atmosphere of this special night.

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